The Island of Ischia is a generous land, where the mild climate enhances the production of citrus fruits and season fruits. In the orchard next to the Park, every year we gather considerable amounts of fruits without using any chemical antiparasitic product; which we serve to our guests in the form of delicious organic jams. They are a pleasant souvenir to taste back at home.


Extremely grateful to the precious inheritance of the Euboea Greeks, who founded their very first colony in the west here, at Ischia, we let the sun, which shines for most of the day here at Castiglione, make our vine rich. This is the best help we can get to produce a pleasant and natural wine, whilest fully complying with the renowned wine tradition of the Island.


IXYA is a line of natural products based on Spirulina platensis, a “miraculous” alga cultivated and spread for the first time at Ischia, from our Park, and used for both face and body treatments, with or without mud. The “food of the gods” of the ancient Mayas turns into a series of up-to-date cosmetics, ready to offer incredible results to those who look for an absolutely natural anti-age product.